HP Printer setup windows 10 there are many types of drivers available for your HP Printer.

    Download option is available on our website to get compatible printer driver and software.

    If you have received an installation CD along with your printer, ensure that it supports your printer.

Full feature download- recommended

The full feature software provides complete functionality of the printer, and important software to get most out of your printer.

Basic driver download

If compared with the full feature driver, the basic driver is smaller and provides only basic printer functionality. It does not support much software needed to copy, fax and scan from the computer.

PnP driver (HP Host-based plug and play)

Printer installation and removing printer software is easy with this driver. It automatically detects the correct driver for your printer and checks the device compatibility.
During the installation, it recognizes the hardware and its changes at the time of rebooting your computer.

HP Enterprise driver

This is mostly provided to corporate customers. It is available in the name of Enterprise Solutions, which is a subset of the complete installation.

Universal Print Driver

This UPD (Universal Print Driver) supports a wide range of HP LaserJet and multifunction printers. It is an advanced print driver that recognizes HP Printing devices and automatically configures the printer’s functionality based on the printer model.

PCL 6 Driver download

Printer Command Language is a printer protocol designed by the HP. This driver has become a de facto standard (accepted by public as the best software).

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HP Printer setup windows 10 – Built-in drivers

HP Printer setup windows 10 – Update driver

If you have Windows Update and an active internet connection on your computer, it gets activated automatically with a network printer connected to the computer.

By default, it searches for the latest driver in Windows 10 Update. If the computer finds that the online driver is more compatible than your current driver, it downloads and installs the online driver.

Windows in-Operating System driver : It is a basic driver included in the operating system of your computer. Hence you need not download or install any separate software from our website.

Your printer will be able to print with USB and other network connections if an in-built OS driver is available.

HP Printer setup windows 10 – STEPS TO INSTALL HP PRINTER DRIVER

  1. Turn on your printer.
  2. Disconnect the USB cable if it is connected to the printer through your computer.
  3. Go to our website and download the respective software and printer driver for your printer model.
  4. Select a method to identify your printer model if prompted, and follow the instructions on your screen to go to the download page.
  5. Click on the Download option which is next to the full feature driver, or click Basic Drivers for other driver options.
  6. HP Printer Setup Windows 10

If you do not find the Windows 10 driver, you can print through USB using the Add Hardware function in Windows 10.

If your printer does not print after updating or installing Windows 10, please follow the below steps.

Step-1 : Check if all Windows updates are installed, as it provides the complete functionality support for your printer.

Step-2 : HP Print and Scan Doctor is a default software provided by HP, which allows you to check if your printer is not printing due to firewall issues.

Step-3 : Ensure that the Print Spooler service is active on your printer.

Step-4 : Find out if your printer is available in the list of printers, by searching through the Printers & Scanners option.

Step-5 : Uninstall the HP driver and printer software; reinstall it using the USB cable.

Step-6 : Turn off your printer and computer; turn it on again.

Our HP Technical Support Team is available to answer all your printer setup & installation related queries. Call Us on our Toll-Free number 1-844-968-2988.

HP Printer Setup Windows 10