123 HP Printer Setup Smartphone – ANDROID DEVICE

HP Printer Setup Smartphone connect to a wireless network and print with the HP Printer from an Android device.
The HP Print Service Plugin service is provided by HP that enables to print with your HP printer from your Android device. It is supported by a Wi-Fi network or Wi-Fi Direct connection.

HP Printer Setup Smartphone – Setup the printer hardware

  • Make sure that your Android device and printer are connected to the same wireless network or Wi-Fi direct should be enabled on your printer and smartphone/Android device.
  • The Android software version should be 4.0 or more.

HP Printer Setup Smartphone – From the Google Play Store

  • Install or update the HP Print Service Plugin on your Android device.
  • Step-1 : Choose a method to turn on the HP Print Service Plugin, once the installation or update is complete.

  • If you are installing the HP Print Service Plugin, go down on the home screen to display the notification dashboard. Find the HP Inc. service installed option.

    HP Printer Setup Smartphone

If the HP Print Service Plugin is updated or installed, touch the Settings icon, tap on More for More networks, More settings, or NFC and Sharing. Then touch on Print or Printing option.

Step-2 : Touch on HP Inc. service installed or HP Inc., and then tap On.


Step-3 : If required, turn off any other print service plugins.After the completion of above steps, the printer is ready to print from your Android device(s).

Step-4 : Double-click on the item you wish to print, and open it. Tap on the menu icon,and select your printer.

Step-5 : When you find a Print Preview screen on the display, to select your printer, tap the down arrow to view the printer list; click on Select a printer.

  • Select HP followed by your printer model from the list of available printers, to print over a network.
  • Select DIRECT-xx-HP followed by your printer model to print over Direct Wi-Fi, from the available list of printers.

123hp envy setup mobile

Step-6 : To change the print settings on your printer, touch the down arrow button; Tap the Print icon to initiate printing.

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HP Printer Setup Smartphone