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  • HP OfficeJet 6954 All-in-One printer comes with various useful features. Print, copy or scan high-quality photos and documents with OfficeJet 6954.
  • 123.hp.com/oj6954 All-In-One printer supports duplex printing. This feature enables the user to print both sides of a plain white paper.
  • Scan To Email option is compatible with HP OfficeJet 6954. The user can email the scanned document without connecting the printer and computer via cable.
  • HP OfficeJet 6954 All-In-One printer has a stylish Color Touchscreen, which makes the user interface more attractive and easy-to-use.
  • Automatic Document Feeder is one of the important feature of this printer. This feature helps in copying or scanning multiple documents at once.
  • HP ePrint is compatible with HP OfficeJet 6954. The user need not install any extra software to enable this feature. The user can print documents on the go with ePrint.
  • Apple AirPrint option is supported by HP OfficeJet 6954. This enables the user to print any document from their iOS device without physically connecting it to the printer.
  • Wi-Fi direct printing feature is supported by this printer. The user should connect their computer and printer to the same wireless network to access this feature.

How To Scan

Scan high-quality documents and photos with HP OfficeJet 6954 All-In-One Printer. You can now scan documents and photos to your computer or to emails in an instant with HP OfficeJet 6954. The scan resolution is up 1200 dpi; the scan speed for normal A4 size papers are up to 5 ppm for black and 2.8 ppm for color.


  • To begin scanning, you need to install the required software driver on your computer.
  • You can download this software from our website.
  • Load a document that you wish to scan on the scanner glass or in the Automatic Document Feeder. Search windows for your HP and click on your printer model.
  • HP Printer Assistant window will open. Click on the Scan A Document or Photo option.
  • HP Scan tab will display. Select the desired shortcut type and click on Scan.
  • If you wish to scan to email, load the document or photo on the scanner glass and open the Scan menu on the printer’s control panel.
  • Select the name of your computer and select either Email as PDF or Email as JPEG. A new email will be sent to the computer.


    • Load a document on the scanner glass and open the HP Easy Scan window. Click on the name of your 123.hp.com/oj6954 printer under the Scanner menu.
    • Choose the job type from Presets menu and select Scan. Tap on the Edit option to customize a few settings such as adjusting the colors or cropping the picture.
    • After completing the editing process, click on the Send button on the bottom. Select Folder and choose the destination folder under Where option. Click Save.
    • If you wish to Scan to Email, open the Devices list and tap on the Show Details option.

Change the Scan To option to Mail and click Scan. Try scanning a document.

Need Technical Support Ring us @ our Toll Free : 1 – 844 – 968 – 2988

Wireless Printer Setup – Windows

Wireless Printing feature enables printing documents and photos from your laptop or computer even without establishing an actual physical connection between the printer and computer. Follow the steps given below to set up your 123.hp.com/oj6954 printer wirelessly for your Windows computer.

  • Collect a few necessary details such as the name of your wireless network and the password of your wireless network before starting the set up process.
  • Switch on your computer and router. Ensure the stability of network strength.
  • Connect the computer to the same wireless network to which you will connect your printer.
  • Plug the power cable into the printer and switch it on. Disconnect all the USB and Ethernet cables from the printer. Move the printer closer to the router.
  • Tap the Setup icon on the printer’s control panel and navigate to Wireless Setup Wizard. Touch the name of your network and press Okay.
  • If your network is not found, touch Enter New Network Name and enter the details of your network. Key in the network password and touch Okay.
  • To continue, download the printer software driver to your computer. Follow the prompted instructions to install it. Try printing a document to check if the printer works.
Color or Black Ink Not Printing
  • Make sure that the ink cartridge you use is authentic and genuine. Use ink cartridges that are compatible with your 123.hp.com/oj6954 printer.
  • Check the estimated levels of ink on your computer. If the ink levels run low or exhaust, your printer might not print properly.
  • To check the estimated level of ink from your printer, tap the small Ink Level Indicator icon. Estimated ink level will display.
  • If you have a Windows computer, search for HP on the windows and click on the name of your printer. HP Solution Center will display.
  • The estimated level of ink will be displayed on the home screen. If you have HP Print & Scan Doctor, tap on the Printer menu and click on Supply Levels.
  • If you are using a Mac, open System Preferences window and click on Print and Scan.
  • Select the name of your printer and click on Options&Supplies and Supply Levels.
  • Open the ink cartridge access door and wait for the carriage to move to the center.
  • Remove the empty ink cartridge from its slot.
  • Take a new ink cartridge and remove the packing materials on it. Install it into the empty slot and close the access door. Try printing a document.
  • If the issue persists, open the ink cartridge access door. Inspect the vent area above the HP logo and pull out the orange pull-tab from it.
  • If the vent is clogged, remove the excessive adhesive with a straight pin. Re-install the ink cartridge and close the access door. Try printing a document.
  • If the issue is not fixed yet, clean the printhead. Touch Printer Maintenance on your
  • printer’s control panel. Tap on Tools and select Clean Printhead.
  • A test page will print. If the quality is fine, click Ok. If not, press Clean Again. If the issue continues, resort to servicing your 123.hp.com/oj6954 printer.
Print Quality Issues
  • Ensure that ink cartridge you use is genuine and compatible with your printer. Using different ink cartridges will affect the quality of the print.
  • Tap the Setup icon on the printer’s control panel. Navigate to Tools and click on Clean Page Smears. Print a sample document.
  • Ensure that the paper you use for printing is appropriate. The paper is not supposed to be crumpled or wrinkled. This will adversely affect the quality of the print.
  • If you are using a Windows computer, open a document and click on File menu. Tap on the Print option and open the Properties dialog box.
  • Ensure to choose the right set of properties or settings under the Properties tab.
  • After customizing the settings, click on OK and Print.
  • Check the estimated level of ink on the printer and replace any defective ink cartridges. Clean the printhead if the issue persists and try printing a document.
Copy Quality Issues
  • Deposition of dust, and formation of debris on the scanner glass will affect the quality of copy. Switch off the printer.
  • Open the scanner lid and spray soft glass cleaner on the scanner glass. Wipe the scanner glass and the portion under the scanner lid with a clean, wet cloth.
  • If the issue persists, reset the printer. Switch on the printer and plug out the powercord while the printer is running. Switch it on.
  • If the issue persists, switch off the printer and open the ADF cover. Dampen a clean cloth with distilled water and clean the ADF rollers. Close the ADF covers.
  • Touch Copy button on the printer’s control panel. Tap on Settings icon and toggle to Quality setting. Customize settings such as the Quality or Draft Mode.
  • Tap Paper Setup and select Def. Paper Size. Select the paper size in the input tray and click OK. If the issue continues, service your 123.hp.com/oj6954 printer.
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