HP Laserjet Pro m402dn Printer Setup

123 HP LJPRO M402dn

HP Laserjet Pro m402dn Support

  • Driver and Manual Download
  • Setup and Installation
  • Wireless Setup
  • Ink cartridge
  • Wired Network
  • Firmware update and Factory Reset
  • Extra and paper Tray
  • Load Paper
  • Not Printing

HP Laserjet Pro m402dn Driver Download

The Driver is the important part of any printer software. Without the driver installed, you will be unable to perform printer operations when connected to your computer. the driver software is available free of charge on the link specified. Note that the driver software is unique to each and every printer. Make sure to enter your printer model and choose your operating system before proceeding to download. Post download, there is multiple installation guidance software to minimize the complexity. Driver software can also be installed from the disk that is shipped with the printer package. Always prefer full feature software over regular driver software.

HP Laserjet Pro m402dn Manual Download

There are various steps that need to be followed in sequence in order to set up your printer. These steps are explained in detail on our website. If the instructions are too complex to understand, follow our user manual. The pictorial description has everything described in layman terms. Setting up your printer starts from unboxing to driver installation. Our manual covers everything from step one till troubleshooting guide. There are various manuals that cover a range of topics. Specific manuals that address your exact issues can be found. In addition to manual guidance, we also offer services on call, you can reach us on our toll-free number.

HP Laserjet Pro m402dn Setup and Install

  • Congrats on the purchase of HP Laserjet Pro M402dn printer. Follow the below provided instructions to set up your printer and put it to good use. Transport your printer package and place it on a flat surface.
  • With the box in place, open the package and remove its contents. Discard the package materials.
  • Contents of the package include the printer, connecting cords, driver disc, cartridge, and toner parts.
  • Remove the printer from its protective covering and place it on the flat and hard surface. Remove the power cord from its package and connect it to the rear of the printer.
  • Another end of the power cord should go to the wall socket. Connect it and power on the printer.
  • The welcome message should be displayed on the printer’s control panel.
  • Configure the date and time setting on the control panel. Remove the provided cartridge from its packaging. Open the cartridge tray and remove the plastic covering if any.
  • Remove the plastic tape present on the cartridge. Take care to not touch the cartridge on the electronic contact points nor on the section you draw out ink from to avoid smudges.
  • Lift the cartridge lid and carefully place it in position. Press it to lock it in position. Now the cartridge has been installed successfully. Open the control panel of the computer to check if it has been recognized
  • Extend both the input and output paper trays. Place papers in the trays after extending their paper guides.
  • Make sure the paper guide is tightly securing the paper to prevent paper jam issues.

Laserjet Pro m402dn Wireless Setup

To avail wireless printing facilities, you can choose from one of our many available printers that handle wireless printing function. This printer, HP LaserJet Pro M402dn is priced at $382.06. We have considered the price and operational functions of above mentioned and have provided printer suggestion that is on par or better and supports wireless capabilities.

Wired network

This printer doesn’t support wireless printing. We have shared with you the information on how to configure the printer as per its available technology of USB connection. Wired network connection the basic form of the printer to computer configuration. It has been the age-old connection method and required a USB to be plugged into the printer and connected to the computer. Unbox your printer and set it up by connecting the power cords. Identify the USB cable that came with the packed box. Connect one end of it to the computer and the other to the printer.

Turn on your printer and shortly after that your computer will recognize your printer. Proceed with the installation of the driver software. Note that this step is different for the two different operating systems out there and must always be installed with the one that is compatible with your computer’s operating system.

Ink Cartridge

Toner Usage & the Impact on Print Cartridge Yield,There are a lot of factors contributing to printer ink yield. Doing the following steps will do more to damage to the printer parts. Avoiding the following will prolong the life expectancy of your printer. Do not turn off the printer after every print job is completed. When turned on, this will cause the toner to rotate several times and is most certainly causing wear and tear to your printer.

Try to combine all your print jobs and print them in a single session. Every time a print job is started, the printer rotates additional times. This can be avoided by printing at a stretch rather than as bits and pieces. Environmental issues influence the printer greatly. HP printers maintain their peak performance over a wide range of environments but still, anything beyond that could cause havoc to the toner and ink cartridges.

Need Technical Support Ring us @ our Toll Free : 1 – 844 – 968 – 2988

Factory reset
  • Factory reset is the process where your printer will return to its setting that was present when the printer left the production unit. All the settings were of stock value and there were no preferences present in the printer.
  • This is primarily done when the printer runs into an error and is not responsive to any commands. Usually, factory reset is performed on the printer that has frozen and is not reacting to any inputs.
  • In normal cases, restarting the printer by doing a forceful restart should do the trick. To do this, when the printer is connected to the power supply and is turned on, proceed to forcefully unplug the power cord.
  • Remember to unplug the power cord from both the ends, from the back of the printer and the wall socket connector. This is done to check the responsive state of the printer.
  • Following this step, attempt to reconnect the power cord, one end to the back of the printer and the other end to the wall socket and try turning on the printer. This soft reset is sure to fix the issues if there are any.
  • If the printer is still irresponsive, try tapping on the control panel or check if there is any fluid leakage on the control panel as they may cause electrical shocking or short circuitry.
  • There are other ways to handle issues by which resetting your printer can be avoided. If your print job has frozen, check your output tray and confirm if there are paper jamming issues.
  • In case there is a paper jam, attempt removing the paper by force and restart the printing queue. Take care to not damage the printing mechanism of the printer in this process.
  • Majority of software issues can be avoided by uninstalling or updating your driver software. Updating your firmware is another best way to overcome software issues.
  • If your printer is still not responding, take the following precautions before proceeding to restore factory default setting in your printer. All the settings and files present in the printing queue should be backed up.
  • On the printer control panel, press Ok. On the home screen, select the setup button. In here, open the Service menu. Here, select Restore Defaults option and touch Ok button.
  • The printer will power off and takes a while to restart. When it does, the printer would be factory reset and all previous preference settings will be deleted and factory settings restored.
  • Firmware refers to the updates released by HP that will rectify the current issues and enhance the user experience. These updates are frequently released and are available for download.
  • These services offered by HP are periodic and along with the HP printer updates, Web services applications are also offered. Updating the firmware will update the web services automatically.
  • Step one is to load your printer’s firmware from the control panel. This step is only applicable to printers connected via wireless network. Presence of an active network connection is mandatory.
  • By loading your firmware update from your control panel, your printer will be automatically set to download any future updates that may be released by HP that is related to your printer.
  • Open the setup menu on the control panel of the printer. This can be done by clicking on the left and right button until one arrives at the required option. Scroll over and locate Service menu.
  • Click on the Service menu following which you are required to open the LaserJet Update menu. Note that this is the tab which hosts the requirements for updating your firmware.
  • Inside this option, select Check Updates Now. Your printer will automatically connect with HP site and will look for updates if any were released for your printer model.
  • Upon detecting a newer version, updating the firmware begins automatically and download of the required files will start. This process can be monitored by viewing the status screen.
  • Follow instructions and set Automatically update firmware when updates are present and this process will be automated and your printer will stay updated all the time.
  • There is another method and this is to update the firmware by using a tool called Update Utility. This tool comes in handy when you want to manually download and install the updates.
  • Go to the link specified in the website and select Driver & Downloads and look for your printer model in the search list. Check under firmware section and locate Firmware Update Utility.
  • When you have chosen your respective firmware, select Download and on the next window, choose Run and the final window, click on run again. Utility window will launch.
  • Choose your printer from the list and click Send firmware. The standard procedure follows after which installation instructions will pop. Follow them to complete the installation.
  • Check the firmware version that has been recently updated, by printing a configuration page. Do this before and after installation process to identify the change.
HP Laserjet Pro m402dn Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting has become a common practice with all the careless with which people are handling their printers. Due to lethargy, there are countless issues that arise from little mistakes. These are common fixes that can be performed by the following instruction from the website.

Extra tray

  • Let us go through the process of adding an extra tray to the Laserjet Pro M402dn. Purchase of a compatible tray is mandatory. HP LaserJet Pro 550-sheet Feeder Tray is the ideal tray for this printer.
  • This tray offers additional 500-page capacity. With this, there can be uninterrupted printing of up to 900-pages. Saves the time of having to reload the pages ever so often.

Load paper error

  • This issue is caused by various reasons. Check if there is an error code getting displayed when the printer displays Load paper error. Nevertheless, follow the below-provided instructions.
  • Turn on the printer and reset it by forcefully disconnecting the power cord. This is done on the wall socket and at the rear of the printer. Wait for a duration of at least 30 seconds before reconnecting and turning on the printer.
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