Data stored on the HP Laserjet Pro M402dn Toner cartridge

  • The toner for your HP Laserjet Pro M402dn Printer contains a memory chip. This chip gathers information pertaining to printer statistics. These data include the date of toner installation and crash reports.
  • Note that no personal data is stored in the toner. These are feedback data used to improve user experience and ink consumption status. Anyone with your cartridge can gain access to this data.
  • There is a provision on the control panel that enables the customer to disable this data collection process. All data collected are sent to HP’s free return and recycling program.
  • To find the level of ink remaining in your HP Laserjet Pro M402dn Ink Cartridge, check the control panel of the printer.
  • All printers with a control panel have the provision to check the ink levels.
  • Check your printing software on your computer. They are usually equipped with ink level indicator. If that doesn’t work, go to control panel of your computer and choose printer and scanner option.
  • You will find the list of devices added to your printer. Right click on your printer mode land and choose printer preferences. Select HP ToolBox option and this tool will have a graphic display of your printer’s ink level.

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Replacing ink and toner cartridge

  • After confirming that your HP M402dn ink levels are low, proceed to replace your existing ink cartridge with a new one.
  • To do so, keep the printer turned on and open the cartridge door of the printer.
  • Wait for the cartridge to silent down and identify the cartridge lid that contains the cartridge.
  • Flick it open and carefully remove the cartridge from its place.
  • Remove the packaging of the new cartridge. Take care to remove the plastic tape.
  • Avoid touching the electronic contact points as this might cause smudges and connection error.
  • Place the new cartridge as per its color slot. Note that fixing the wrong color cartridge in the wrong slot will cause an error. Once placed, lock the lid in place and close the cartridge door.
  • Consider replacing your toner when your printer starts to print papers with smudges, lines, and blurred text. There are high chances that either your ink has run out or toner needs replacement.
  • To replace the toner, open the front door of the HP Laserjet Pro M402dn Printer by click on the switch present at the side.
  • The door opens to reveal the toner section. Carefully remove the toner from its place.
  • On the new toner, remove the plastic shielding and carefully place the toner in its respective slot.
  • Take care to not touch the green roller part as doing so will cause the printer to print with smudges.
  • Close the cartridge door when done and print a cleaning paper. Now your printer is all set to start printing. If you have issues with color, proceed to clean the cartridge.
  • The cartridge can be cleaned both manually and by choosing to do so on the control panel. Select Cartridge clean from the menu and a cleaning sheet will be printed.
  • Cleaning manually requires you to remove the cartridge from the printer and dip the contact points on a solution that is a mix of water and Isopropyl alcohol. Wipe the ends clean, pop it back in and start printing.
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