A car without its engine is pretty much useless which is similar to a 123.hp.com/laserjet pro m225dw printer without a driver software. Drivers are pivotal software that is mandatory to connect the printer to the computer. Every manufacturer makes them and using it connect your printer to your computer saved a lot of energy and time.


  • The driver is the most important software in a 123.hp.com/ljprom225dwprinter. This can be downloaded from the link provided on the website.
  • Drivers are software that is unique to the printer model to which it is downloaded. There is no one driver that works for all printers.
  • Exercise care whilst choosing your driver as a different driver will not work on your computer. Always prefer manufacturer developed version.
  • In addition to choosing the printer model, there is also the need to mention your operating system. As every 123.hp.com/ljprom225dw printer driver is developed in two version.
  • One is a Windows version and the other is a Mac version. There is the option of downloading full-feature software.
  • These contain additional software along with the driver. This software helps the user in controlling the copy, scan and fax operations of the printer.

123.hp.com/laserjet pro m225dw

  • Post-download, double-click the driver software from the downloaded location and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  • Choose your mode of network connection. The different option to choose from is Ethernet, USB, and wireless. It is to be noted that you can choose only one option.
  • Changing your network connectivity mode would mean that the driver software has to be reinstalled. Changing the connectivity mode otherwise would be a tedious process.
  • An updated driver is the best software your HP Laserjet Pro M225dw printer can have. It rectifies all the bugs and makes sure that your printer runs trouble free efficiently.


  • USB setup is a means of a network connection by which your printer can be connected to your computer.
  • Download the driver software from the link specified on this website.
  • Make sure to download the software that is respective to your 123.hp.com/ljprom225dw printer model.
  • Remember to download the software that is specific to your operating system.
  • Remember that this software can also be directly installed from the CD provided with the shipment.
  • Download the software and proceed to install it by double clicking.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process. Choose USB as your mode of connectivity.
  • As per the instruction on the install wizard, connect the USB cable to the printer and computer when prompted.
  • Post installation, your printer will be set to receive print jobs via USB.
  • Keep the cable connected at all times for the entirety of the operation.



  • This is a feature of the 123.hp.com/laserjet pro m225dw printer that allows the user to scan a document and directly send it to an email address of specified choice.
  • To do this, the printer must be configured to do so. Make sure you have the administrative access to the printer and SMTP server information.
  • The easiest method, however, should be by using the Scan to Email Wizard. Exclusive to Windows, this software can set up scan to folder and email.
  • In your programs option from your control panel, click Scan to E-mail Wizard. Under the Outgoing Email Profiles, click New button. Scan to Email Setup dialog will open.
  • Enter the email address of the sender on the Start page. Drop a security password along with a security pin and click Next to the setup to complete.


  • This feature is an advancement to scan to email function. Here, the file that has been scanned is directly dropped in a network folder which has shared access to multiple users.
  • Start with checking for HP Utility icon present in the Utility folder. This feature will automatically be installed on your computer when you have downloaded the full-feature driver software.
  • Open Additional settings under HP Utility Window and Open Embedded Web Server. Select scan tab from the options available. Navigate to the Network Folder Setup.
  • Inside this folder, you will see the following, Display Name, Network Path, User Name, Password. Fill in all the mandatory data and click save and test to complete this setup.
  • Another method exists to do this and it is a downloadable software called Scan to Network Folder Wizard.

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  • Paper jam occurs frequently when the issue is with your paper. Utilizing cheap third-party papers will result in them getting stuck in the printer.
  • Prefer genuine HP paper for printing purposes as this in addition to enhancing your print quality, also prolongs the life of your toner cartridge.
  • Make sure to clean your printer regularly. This will prevent dirt particles from accumulating in your rollers.
  • Paper jamming will halt the print process and requires immediate attention. Remove the lodged paper manually. Hold it with both hands firmly and pull it out.
  • Make sure there are no torn pieces of paper stuck in the delicate workings of the printer. Torchlight is used to view the insides and checked for papers stuck inside.


  • On the top of the list to improve your print quality is to replace your existing paper with genuine HP papers.
  • Genuine papers will increase the yield of the ink in addition to prolonging the life of your 123.hp.com/laserjet pro m225dw printer. Cheap papers and toners consume more ink and have the tendency to run out of it quickly.
  • Make sure the paper present in the paper tray and the paper mentioned in the settings window on your computer are the same. Any mismatch will result in confusions.
  • Ensure that the toner cartridges are healthy and have enough ink quantities to print all the pages that you are throwing at them.
  • This printer might mistakenly be set in Econo mode. This is the short term for an Economic mode which has to be deactivated to raise your print quality.


  • Make sure to install your driver software with the network specifications set to wireless. Remember that in case a change in network connection is required, driver reinstallation is mandatory.
  • Connect to your wireless setting. This can be done by allowing your printer to scan and discover your network. Connect to it by inputting its respective password.
  • Make sure to place the router and printer close to each other as the interference in signal could cause the disconnect issues.
  • Your computer and printer need to be connected to the same local network. Connecting to a different network will cause an error.
  • If there are detection errors, disable your firewall and anti-virus and attempt connecting again. Your anti-virus might mistake your 123.hp.com/ljprom225dw printer for malware and block it.


  • Start with checking connectivity and other unknown issues that might be plaguing your computer by running the HP Print and Scan Doctor.
  • The printer that you are currently using should be set to the default printer. All other printers on the list should be removed to avoid confusion.
  • Printer resetting can prove resourceful. Remove the power cords whilst the printer is turned on. Reconnect after 60 seconds and attempt printing.
  • The correct communication port is to be selected. This is done by accessing the Ports tab of the Printer column chosen from Printer Properties.
  • Updating the printer firmware and driver software has always proven to be fruitful as they contain bug fixes that usually cannot be fixed. It is advised to always keep your software updated.


  • Toners are the ink system of laser printers. This is the component of the 123.hp.com/ljprom225dw printer that is responsible for performing the print function.
  • Toners contain special fluid inside them called the toner fluid. This when electro-statically charged, causes ink to stick to the paper that is passed over it. When passed over a heated roller, this ink dries.
  • Toners in general, last longer than ink cartridges. Always prefer the usage of genuine HP toners. They last longer and provide better print quality.
  • In case the toner is not detected, remove it from its slot and check if the contact points are intact and not damaged.
  • Whilst handling the toner, make sure to not touch the green cylindrical drum as it forms the main printing component and any damages might result in a decline of print quality.