HP X7N08A Sprocket Photo Printer Black

Print your photos with the click of a button with these portable classy photo printers. Capable of fitting into any pocket, this battery operated printer is every bit of a memory maker. Custom photo sheets contain adhesive sheets on the rear side allowing you to peel off the plastic layer and stick it to any surface.


  • Bluetooth
  • Borderless printing
  • Mobile os (Android and Apple)
  • Ulta-portable
  • Rechargeable battery

HP Sprocket Photo Printer Black

123 HP X7N08A Sprocket Photo Printer Black Installing Mobile App

The mobile application is the easiest way to control the HP sprocket. This ensures portability at its truest meaning. When you have removed the device from the box package and charge it to full battery.

HP has developed a mobile application that specifically controls your HP Black Sprocket Photo Printer. This application is available for download on the link mentioned on this website. Available for free, this can be downloaded many times. Post download, the application is installed on your phone. Since it is compatible with both Android and Apple devices, diversity should not be an issue.

The connection is established via Bluetooth. In the mobile application, you have the option of customizing the pictures before printing them. There is also the provision to directly print images from social network sites. Since the app allows customization, the requirement of a separate photo editing application is eliminated.

HP X7N08A Sprocket Photo Printer Black

Charging battery and powering on

  • HP sprocket comes with an inbuilt battery. This battery cannot be removed. However, can be recharged. An OTG cable is provided with the box packaged and this is used for the process of recharging the battery.
  • One end of the cable is connected to the 123.hp.com printer and the other end is connected to a charger head which is plugged into the power socket.
  • A red light is noted to be glowing when the device is connected to a power socket. This indicates that the device is charging.
  • Allow the device to charge for few hours. When this is done, press down on the power button and hold for few seconds.
  • Following this, the printer will power on. Attempt printing after the paper has been inputted inside.

Loading paper

  • HP Sprocket comes with a default set of papers that are specifically used for printing in Sprocket devices only.
  • Every batch contains a set of 10 sheets that cost around $20. Every batch comes with their own alignment sheet. These are unique sheets that are respective to each batch.
  • These sheets are coated with zinc to become compatible with Sprocket’s printing technology.
  • These sheets are to be placed inside the Sprocket which is accessible by gently pushing the lid to one side.
  • Place the sheets as mentioned in the guidebook, facing down while the peel-off layer is facing the lid. Close the lid firmly when done.

What size paper


HP Zinc papers are specially coated with zinc to be able to work with Sprocket’s printing tech. These papers are 2 x 3-inch in dimensions and come with a sticker design.


Note that the HP Sprocket is designed only to work with the sheets that are manufactured by HP. These sheets are coated with Zinc and react to the heat based printing mechanism of the printer. Using third-party sheets will damage the device. Make sure to insert the HP provided sheets in the direction specified in the user manual.

Pairing Mobile device and HP Sprocket Printer

The photos to be printed are to be supplied by a mobile device that is connected to the Sprocket device.

For Android

  • Turn on your HP Sprocket device and make sure it has sufficient battery left.
  • The Sprocket needs to be loaded with the provided printing sheets. This is to be done following the instructions provided in the previous sections.
  • Turn on the HP Black Sprocket Photo Printer and switch on Bluetooth option on your Android phone.
  • By default, the printer’s Bluetooth will be turned on for the duration of printer operation.
  • Discover the printer’s Bluetooth signal, identify by name and connect to it. To pair, select the pairing options and confirm your choice. You will be paired with the printer until it is restarted.

For iPhone

  • Make sure your Sprocket is fully charged and keep it turned on for the entirety of the printing process.
  • Follow the instructions mentioned in the user manual and make sure that there are printing sheets present in the printer.
  • Turning on the 123.hp.com/setup printer will also turn on the Bluetooth. By default, the printer is always set to be visible to all nearby devices.
  • Download the application from the link mentioned on this website. Post installation, turn on Bluetooth on your mobile
  • Search for HP Sprocket and connect to it. Start printing on your sprocket device.

Navigating the Sprocket app

  • HP Sprocket application is available in the link provided on the website. Simply click on it and proceed to download the same to your mobile device.
  • The app is free of cost and is compatible with both Android and Apple device. Post download, your mobile needs to be connected to the printer via Bluetooth to commence printing.
  • HP Sprocket app allows customization of your pictures before printing them. The opening screen contains links to your social network sites.
  • Click Photos to access your gallery. Choose an image of your liking and you’ll be taken to the customization page.
  • Add emoticons, words etc. and click print for the printing to commence.


  • Sprocket is a unique photo printer that does not require to be put through the tedious process of driver installation.
  • This printer connects to other mobile devices via Bluetooth and has limited range. When the printer is turned on, by default Bluetooth turns on as well.
  • There is no dedicated switch to turn on Bluetooth.
  • Flip the Bluetooth switch on your mobile device and search for the printer’s Bluetooth by its name. when you find it, click pair and connect with it.
  • Bluetooth network is devoid of the password. Your HP Black Sprocket Photo Printer is now ready to start printing.

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Sprocket App Features


The ability to connect via Bluetooth allows the device to have the versatility of receiving print jobs from all mobile devices as Bluetooth is the most common mode of mobile connectivity. After pairing with the mobile phone, printing becomes an easy and effortless affair.

Borderless printing

Your HP Sprocket printer makes use of special zinc coated sheets that are custom designed for your printer. These sheets offer borderless printing off the box. This is an added advantage considering the fact that these sheets come with a peel and stick rear. Print – peel – stick, memories made!

Mobile os (Android and Apple)

HP Black Sprocket Photo Printers can be controlled with the help of a mobile application. This is available for download free of cost online. The good thing about this feature is that this software can be downloaded to both Android and Apple mobile operating system. Setting up is easy, follow instructions specified in the application.


With a dimension of 116 x 75 x 23 mm (4.53 x 2.95 x 0.87 inch) and weighing at 0.172 kg (0.379 lb) this printer is not only ultra-portable but also small enough to fit into your pocket. Charge the device and load it with a fresh batch of printing sheets and take it anywhere you please.

Rechargeable battery

The hassle of having to replace the batteries in the printer is no longer an issue. With rechargeable batteries, this printer can provide long lasting battery life in comparison to the AAA batteries usually associated with printers. These batteries can be recharged a well, sparing you from the expenses of having to buy a new one every time.

123 HP Sprocket Photo Printer Black Troubleshooting

Printer will not print

  • The major unresponsive error is the cause of print not being properly charged. This can be avoided by remembering to charge the printer and preferably keep it from draining completely.
  • Check if the printing sheets are loaded into the printer. The alignment sheet is unique for every batch and needs to be placed in the front along with the first sheet.
  • Recheck the Bluetooth connection and make sure that the connection is secure. Do not try connecting to multiple devices at the same time. For speedy access, prefer devices with Bluetooth version 3 and above.
  • Before attempting to print, make sure that the printer is the one that is connected to your mobile network. If the sheets are not placed in the right direction, due to print error, printing process will be temporarily halted.
  • In case the HP Black Sprocket Photo Printer is not printing, refrain from manhandling the device as it may lead to further issues.

Improve Print Quality

  • Print quality largely depends on the quality of the paper that is being used. It is highly recommended that you opt for HP zinc coated special papers when it comes to refilling your sprocket papers. Note that your Sprocket device can hold up to 10 sheets at a time. Each refill pack comes with 20 sheets.
  • To check the available charge on your sprocket device, open your mobile application and go to Menu. Tap Sprocket and under that choose press Printers. Choose your printer from the list and opt for Battery option. This will show you remaining charge. For optimum performance, keep your device charged above 20%
  • The Sprocket Printer comes with a dedicated application through which you can update the device’s firmware.make sure to always keep it updated for bug-free printing.
  • The output rollers help in pushing the completed prints outside. When it has accumulated dirt particles, it has a tendency to stick to the prints. Remove the lid and clean it thoroughly.

Clear a Paper Jam

  • This hasn’t been a registered case of error as the printer is operating on small size paper. As long as paper that is compatible with the HP Black Sprocket Photo Printer is used, paper jam can be avoided.
  • Common causes of paper jam are tampering with the sheets prior to inserting them. This might cause the sticker mechanism to dislodge making it get stuck to the roller drums.
  • In the event of a paper jam, proceed with removing the paper lodged inside. Open the lip by firmly pressing the bottom of the lid until it opens. when it is open, look inside to find the rollers, printing mechanism and empty area for paper refilling.
  • If any lodged paper is to be found, it is removed. Also, all the sheets are properly stacked before reinserting them in addition to discarding the damaged sheets. Cancellation of print midway is not encouraged as halting the process mid-way will cause errors.