The features provided below are common for the HP Envy range of printers like, Envy 4500, 4502,5545,5535,7644,7645…etc.,

HP Auto wireless connect

HP Auto Wireless Connect is a feature that enables your printer to connect to your wireless network automatically without having to use USB cables or entering your wireless network username and password. The new HP printer series have this feature in the standard installation itself. After installing the software on your printer, follow the instructions displayed on screen and click on Network (Ethernet/ Wireless). Select the Yes, send my wireless settings to the printer tab.

Requirements for compatibility with HP auto wireless connect

  • All versions of Windows starting from Windows Vista to Windows 10 are accepted.
  • All versions of Mac OS X from v 10.5 and above are accepted.
  • Ensure that your computer enables a wireless connection to your network and your computer’s operating system is compatible with the wireless adapter. This is to enable the HP software trace the computer’s network settings.
  • The network used must be over 2.4 GHz. HP printers do not enable 5.0 GHz. However if your router supports 2.4 GHz your network can still be enabled.
  • Please ensure that your computer does not employ a static IP address.
  • Once the HP auto wireless connect mode has been enabled on your printer, it will remain enabled for two hours.
  • If 123 HP Envy Printer Auto Connect Setup wireless has not been enabled even after two hours, click on Restore Network Settings to restore default options on your printer.
  • Please note that if the HP auto wireless connect was suggested to you during the installation process then it is the preferred setup for your printer.
  • The setup sometimes requires you to disconnect from your network temporarily.
  • All downloads and online work need to be saved before doing this to ensure no loss of data.
  • If the setup is not supported by your printer, our customer support team can offer you other recommended setups.

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