The features provided below are common for the HP Envy range of printers like, Envy 4500, 4501, 4502…etc.,

123 HP Envy Mobile Printing with your HP printer is enabled by the HP ePrint application. This is a secured cloud based service through which any document that is to be printed can be sent to the web-enabled HP printer via email.

Installing the HP ePrint app

Apple devices

  • Open App Store on your mobile device and install the HP ePrint app.
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the welcome to HP ePrint window.
  • Fill in your email address in the field Activate using your email and click on Activate to receive an Activation code.
  • Note down the PIN number provided in your email and enter the code in the app to activate.
  • After entering your data preferences, click on Done.

Android devices

  • Get the HP ePrint app from the Google play store.
  • Fill in your preferred user data and click on Done
  • Click on Add email account and follow the instructions on screen to provide access to your storage and media.
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    Printing using the HP ePrint

    Photos from your mobile device

    • In the HP ePrint app, click on Photos.
    • Select the required photo and Edit to make any modifications.
    • Click on Done to return and on Print to proceed with print job.

    Printing a document

    • Click on Files in the HP ePrint app.
    • Choose the required file type and select the corresponding document.
    • Click on Edit to make any modifications and then click on Done to save your changes.
    • Proceed to Print.

    Printing a web page from your 123 HP Envy Mobile Printing device

    • Click on the Web icon in the HP ePrint app.
    • Open your desired web page and click on Preview.
    • If any changes are required, click on Edit.
    • After all changes have been made, click on Done to save the changes.
    • Select Print to start your print job.

    Printing from cloud service

    • After opening the HP ePrint app, click onCloud.
    • Update your cloud service account details in the required fields.
    • Choose the required item and make modifications using the Edit option.
    • Click on Done to save your changes and proceed to Print.

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