Requirements for AirPrint

  • An Apple device with v4.2 or other further versions.
  • A wireless HP printer that supports AirPrint.
  • A secured Wireless network and applications that enable AirPrint.

How to print using AirPrint

  • Open the application containing the document to be printed.
  • Click on the Action tab to open the Action menu.
  • Click on Print and in the Printer Options menu displayed select HP officejet 3830.
  • If modifications are required on your print, change accordingly on the options displayed.
  • After all the required changes have been made, proceed to Print.

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By using an Apple AirPrint how do one can send a print job?

    To print from one’s Apple mobile device to their local HP printer with AirPrint go through these steps.

    Selecting the printer

  • Go through these instructions to locate and choose one’s own printer.
  • In the app that you need to print from, touch the Action icon in order to display the menu options.
  • NOTE : Some apps may not have an Action icon. In case if the icon does not get displayed, one cannot print from that specific app with AirPrint.
  • Touch Print. The Printer Options menu gets displayed.
  • In the Printer Options menu, touch Select Printer. Available printers list gets displayed.


  • Touch the HP AirPrint printer in the drop-down menu. Again the Printer Options menu gets displayed and shows the selected printer.

Paper Alignment

  • In the Printer Options menu, touch Paper to alter the size of the paper.

Two-sided printing

  • In the Printer Options menu, near Double-sided,touch On to permit two-sided printing, or touch Off to inactivate two-sided printing.
  • Note : Incase if the HP printer does not support two-sided printing, the Double-sided choice will not be displayed.

Page range

  • Incase if you print with a file type, like a PDF, which has multiple pages, touch Range in the Printer Options menu, and next touch All Pages or choose the page range that you need to print.
  • Note : Range can be used only for some specific applications and file types, like PDF files.
  • Selecting the Page Range that you need to print example:

Troubleshoot for AirPrint

    If the print job fails, try the following pointers to resolve the issue.

  • Bring the router close to the printer and ensure that the printer gets continuous signal.
  • Restart the printer and the router after making sure that both your devices are connected to the same Wireless Network.
  • Print the Network Configuration page and check if the connection type in the report says Wireless.
  • Check if Wi-Fi is turned on in your Apple device.
  • Ensure that the firmware of your printer is updated to the latest version. If not log in to our customer support webpage and download the update.
  • Confirm that AirPrint is enabled on your printer. If not obtained, obtain the IP address of the printer and open your browser.
  • After copying the IP address on the tool bar, navigate to Network Settings, enable AirPrint and select Apply.
  • Try printing from another device or computer.
  • Reset the printer by disconnecting the power cord from the printer when the printer is turned on and then plug it back into power after a few seconds.

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