123 HP Envy 4525 Scanning Problems

When the HP Printer loses its connection or if it goes offline, the printer cannot scan. This document is for troubleshooting 123 HP Envy 4525 Scanning Problems on HP printers set up on a wireless network.

  • Restart the computer, router and your HP printer.
  • Run the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool.
  • Check the status of the wireless connection
  • Evaluate a Wireless Network Test Results page to identify the wireless network problems.

Print a Wireless Network Test Results page

You can print the test page from the Wireless, Network Settings or Setup menu.

Go to HP Customer Support, type your printer model, and then search for the Print a self-test page document.
Evaluate the Wireless Network Test Results page and check for any problems.

123 HP Envy 4525 Scanning

Reconnect the HP Envy 4525 printer to your wireless network.Print a new Wireless Test Results page to make sure the network is functioning properly. On the Wireless Network Test Results page, locate the Diagnostic Results section.

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Print a network configuration page to minimize wireless channel interference

  • Locate the wireless channel network, see if the Number of 802.11 networks discovered list on the last page.
  • If your current network is not on a channel, you can skip to the next step.
  • If your current network is on a channel used by several other networks, then continue troubleshooting.

  • Type the IP address of your router in your browser.
  • Change your network channel to one not being used by others, and then save your changes. For instance, if Channel 1 is used for several other networks, including your main Wi-Fi network, you can change your Wi-Fi network channel to 6 or 11.
  • If the wireless connection drops again, continue to the next step.

Change the wireless network name

Changing your wireless network name might resolve your 123 HP Envy 4525 Scanning Problems. Multiple routers with the same network name (SSID) might cause the HP printer to connect to the wrong wireless network or drop the wireless connection.

  • Turn off or deactivate additional routers
  • Move the router and your 123.hp.com/envy4525 printer closer together.
  • Evaluate the printer IP address with the help of the network configuration page you have printed earlier.
  • Update the HP printer firmware.
  • Assign a manual IP address to your HP printer
  • Service the HP printer


The steps in this document will resolve communication and connection errors when scanning over a wired network.

Restart devices and check driver scan settings

  • Confirm if the issue is print related
  • Restore the scan connection by restarting the computer and your HP Printer.
  • Restarting the computer and printer can restore the lost scan connection.
  • Once you restart your devices, search windows for your HP Printer and then click the name of your HP Printer from the list of options.
  • HP Printer Assistant opens. Now, click scan a document or photo and select the check box which is right next to Automatically start Scan to Computer when I log onto Windows.
  • If HP Solution Center window opens, click Scan Settings to check scan connection status and settings.
  • If your HP Printer is not displayed in the results, then you can install the required software for your HP Printer.
  • Try to scan now, if the error persists, go ahead with the next step.

Run the Print and Scan Doctor tool

If the error persists, then you can use HP Print and scan Doctor tool to resolve 123 HP Envy 4525 Scanning Problems. Download and run HP Print and Scan Doctor to perform several troubleshooting tasks.

  • Click fix scanning, when the Print and Scan Doctor Window opens.
  • View the results from the displayed screen
  • If you see an exclamation mark in yellow color, it means that the test has failed.
  • If you see an X in red, then follow the below steps to resolve the issue.
  • If you click Test Scan, the tool will perform a test scan or click Skip.
  • If you click Skip and the 123 HP Envy 4525 Scanning Problems persist still, click Support and Troubleshooting, or you can click HP Support Forum| to get help from other HP customers.

Check the connection status of network and HP printer

  • Make sure your HP printer is ready for scanning and check the network connection.
  • Make sure the HP printer is connected to either a wired or wireless network.

    123 HP Envy 4525 Scanning Problems

  • Set your dual band router to 2.4 GHz bands. If your router is set to the 5 GHz band, the HP printer cannot scan on the network.
  • If you are using a Virtual Private Network, disconnect from it while doing the scan job.

    Figure: Example of a wireless network icon


  • If the network displayed is not yours, you should reconnect to your own network to scan.
  • If the network status is not connected, make sure your network works correctly and then check the status again.
  • If an Airplane icon displays, check if the airplane mode is on. If it is on, turn off the airplane mode by clicking on it and then connect to your wireless network.

    hp 4525 scanner problems

Check third-party firewall software settings

Use the Print and Scan Doctor to temporarily disable firewall software on your computer which will help you unblock the communication with printers.

Return to the Print and Scan Doctor tool, click Network, then click Troubleshoot Firewalls.

hp envy 4525 scanner problems

  • Click the name of any firewall software on your computer that has an enabled status, then click Disable.
  • Uninstall the HP printer driver and software
  • Reinstall the latest HP scan driver and software
  • Go to HP Customer Support – Software and Driver Downloads to download latest scan driver and software.

All printers in the queue will be deleted by resetting the print system.

Right-click the blank space in the HP Printers list, then click Reset printing system.

  • Click Reset in the displayed confirmation window.
  • You should enter the Administrator name and password, then click OK.
  • Wait until it resets the system. When it is done, no printers should be displayed in the list.
  • Try installing the HP driver and software once again, then add the HP printer to the computer.
  • Then, try to scan.

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