Enable HP Envy 4520 Mobile Printing

HP Envy 4520 Mobile printing is enabled by the HP ePrint application. This is a secured cloud based service through which any document that is to be printed can be sent to the web-enabled HP printer via email.

Installing the HP Envy 4520 App

Installing HP Envy 4520 App in Apple Devices

  • Open App Store on your mobile device and install the HP ePrint app.
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the welcome to HP ePrint window.
  • Fill in your email address in the field Activate using your email and click on Activate to receive an Activation code.
  • Note down the PIN number provided in your email and enter the code in the app to activate.
  • After entering your data preferences, click on Done. in HP Envy 4520 Mobile Printing Setup

Installing HP 4520 App in Android Device

  • Get the HP ePrint app from the Google play store.
  • Fill in your preferred user data and click on Done
  • Click on Add email account and follow the instructions on screen to provide access to your storage and media in HP 4520 Mobile Printing.

Check Ink Level in Envy 4520

  • To check the ink levels and order supplies : Touch the printer information icon , and touch Supported Cartridges in order to look at the ink levels.
  • All other specifications remains as same as the Android devices

HP Envy 4520 Mobile Print Setup

    Requirements for HP 4520 Mobile Printing Setup

  • Setting up the printer hardware.
  • The Android device which you have should currently run on 4.0 or later, or an Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch which runs on iOS 7 or later.
  • In order to make use of the printer set up feature, ensure that the mobile device is connected to the wireless network.
  • In order to make use of the HP AiO printer remote app which has the printer that is already set up and connected to a network, same wireless network is need to be connected to the mobile device and printer.
  • Ensure that the HP Print service Plugin is installed and switched on in case if you need to print from the HP AiO Printer Remote app and from other apps on the android device in HP Envy 4520 Mobile Printing Setup.

    hp Envy 4520 mobile printing

Installing the HP 4520 Printer Remote App

  • Touch Google Play or App store, and touch Install or Get.
  • Once you are installed with the app, then select Start or Get Started.

To Print documents and photos in HP 4520 Printer

  • Printing a document or photo,Start the Aio Remote app, touch Print Documents or Print Photos, and choose the document or photo that you need to print.
  • Make any changes if necessary with app editing tools of Mobile Printing Setup.
  • Touch Print.
  • Selecting Print documents or photos, or document or photo icons.

    123 hp Envy 4520 mobile printing

For Further Guidance to this Printer Setup

Scanning a document or photo from HP 4520 printer

  • Keep the document or photo that you need to scan on the scanner glass.
  • Start the AiO Remote app, and touch Scan, Scan to Email, or Scan to Cloud, which depends on the type of scan.
  • Touch the Settings icon to select the Input Source for the scan.
  • Touch Done or Save.
  • Select Scan in order to view the scan and alter the borders, if you want.
  • If you need to scan more pages, touch the additional pages icon.
  • Once scan is over, touch Send, save, share, or Print, that is based on the scan type.

Network Settings in HP Envy 4520 Printer

  • To check the ink levels and order supplies : Touch the ink level display to view the estimated levels.
  • Accessing the HP Instant Ink dashboard : Select Go to HP Instant Ink to get started with the HP Instant Ink dashboard.
  • Accessing printer settings, information, and reports : Touch the menu button to open the printer information and reports.
  • Touch Printer Settings to alter the settings as like paper trays, quiet mode, auto off, and more.
  • Select Printer Reports to print the Printer Status Report, Network Configuration Page, Print Quality diagnostic Repost, and other reports.
  • Tap Advanced Settings To set energy save mode, check the network status, and configure the network settings in HP Envy 4520 Mobile Printing Setup.

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