123 HP Envy 5030 Features

Are you looking for an efficient Inkjet 123.hp.com/setup 5030 printer that can print lab-quality photos and laser-quality pictures? Look no further, the best choice for you to buy would be the HP Envy 5030 All-In-One printer.

123.hp.com/setup 5030

  • With this multifunctional printer, you, the user can print, copy and scan documents and photos. Bundled along with a black ink cartridge and a tri-color ink cartridge, 123.hp.com/setup 5030 lets you print a document or photo in either monochrome or color.
  • You can print high-quality photos using the HP Envy 5030 printer. The print quality is as high as 4800 X 1200 DPI for color and 1200 X 1200 DPI for black documents. The print speed of HP Envy 5030 is up to 10 pages per minute for black and 7 pages per minute for color documents.
  • This printer uses a flatbed scanner to scan the documents and photos. The scan quality of HP Envy 5030 is 1200 X 1200 DPI. It scans up to 3 color pages per minute and 7 monochrome pages per minute. The average monthly cycle of HP Envy 5030 is around 100 to 400 pages.
  • This 123.hp.com/setup 5030 printer supports wireless connectivity and is compatible with various mobile printing solutions such as HP ePrint and AirPrint. Equip your home and small office setup with the HP Envy 5030 and enjoy the A-1 printing experience.

123 HP HP Envy 5030 Ink Cartridges Replacement

  • Check the levels of ink in your 123.hp.com/setup 5030 printer regularly. When the ink level runs low or the printer displays the low ink level message, replace the ink cartridges.
  • Tap on the small ink drop icon on your 123 HP Envy 5030 printer to display the ink level of your printer. Status of each ink cartridge will display on the screen.
  • If you are using a Windows computer, open the HP Solutions Center window. The estimated level of ink will display on the home screen of this window.
  • If you are using a Mac, open System Preferences. Click on the Print & Scan option. Select your printer and click Options & Supplies. Open the Supplies tab to reveal the ink level.
  • Make sure that you replace the old ink cartridge with a new genuine HP ink cartridge. If you use a non-authentic ink cartridge you will have print and quality issues.
  • Before beginning to replace the 123.hp.com/setup 5030 ink cartridge, load a stack of paper into the printer. Extend the paper tray and slide the paper width guides to its outermost extent.
  • Load a stack of plain white papers on the paper tray. Ensure that the paper is crumpled or damaged. Close the paper width guides.
  • Turn on your 123.hp.com/setup 5030 printer if it is switched off. Connect one end of the power cord to the printer’s rear and the other directly to a wall outlet. Do not connect it to an electrical surge.
  • Press the power button to switch on the printer. The printer will undergo a warm-up process. Wait for the printer to settle down.
  • Once the printer is idle, grasp the handles of the printer and open the ink cartridge access door. The carriage will move to the center.
  • Once the carriage settles down, press the ink cartridge and remove it from the slot. Take the new ink cartridge and remove the packing materials on it.
  • Pull the orange tab on the ink cartridge to remove the tapes. Touch only the black plastic part of the ink cartridge. Do not touch the copper-colored contacts.
  • Insert the ink cartridges into the slot. The tri-color ink cartridge goes into the slot on the left and black ink cartridge goes into the slot on the right.
  • Follow the steps to install more ink cartridges. Close the ink cartridge access door. Wait for the 123.hp.com/envy5030 printer to print the alignment page.
  • Load a plain white paper on the scanner glass and close the scanner lid. Tap the Start Copy Black or Start Copy Color button to begin aligning the ink cartridges.

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  • If you wish to set up your HP Envy 5030 to a wireless network, you need to collect a few necessary details such as the name and password of the wireless network.
  • Turn on the printer and wait for it to complete the warm-up process. If you have connected your printer to the computer using a USB or Ethernet cable, disconnect it.
  • Switch on your computer and router. Ensure the stability of the connection. Connect your printer and computer to the same wireless network.
  • Ensure that you don’t connect your 123.hp.com/setup 5030 printer and computer to a guest network like a school’s network or a hospital’s network.
  • On your printer’s control panel, tap on the 123 hp setup 5030 icon. Scroll down to the Wireless Setup Wizard option. From the list of available networks, select your network.
  • If you don’t find the name of your network, tap on the Enter New Network Name option and key in the details of your wireless network. Press the Done button.
  • To continue the 123.hp.com/setup 5030 process, you need to install the HP Envy 5030 driver on your computer. You can download it from our website.
  • Log in to our website and enter the printer model number under the Driver Download section. Select your computer’s OS version to continue.
  • Under the given list of 123.hp.com/envy5030 printer drivers, choose Full Feature Driver. If your computer is not compatible with Full Feature driver, download the basic HP Envy 5030 driver.
  • Wait for the file to download. Open the downloaded file and follow the prompted instructions to install it on your computer system. Select Wireless as the connection type.
  • If you are using a Mac, you need to add your printer to the printer queue. Click on your printer’s name. Under the Use menu, select your printer and tap Add.

  • If you wish to fix print and scan issues of your HP Envy 5030 All-In-One Printer, download and install the HP Print And Scan Doctor application on your computer.
  • Once you install the application, run it. Tap on the Start option on the welcome screen. Click on the My Product Is Not Listed option if your printer is not listed.
  • Ensure that there is no connection error. Tap on the Retry option. Your printer will now display in the list of available devices. Select your 123.hp.com/setup 5030 printer and click Next.
  • On the following tab, you will have two options. Fix Printing or Fix Scanning. Tap on the option that matches your requirements to continue.
  • If you are having print issues and wish to resolve it using the HP Print And Scan Doctor application, open the application and select your printer.
  • Tap on the Fix Printing button. The HP Print And Scan Doctor window will display the list of actionable results for the HP Envy 5030 printer issue.
  • If you see the white checkmark, it means that the printer has passed the tests. If you see a blue wrench, it means that the application found an issue and repaired it.
  • If you see yellow exclamation points, it means that the test failed and requires user intervention. If you see a red cross, follow the prompted instructions to resolve the issue.
  • If you have scanning issues, open the HP Print And Doctor application and tap on the name of your 123.hp.com/setup 5030 printer. Click on the Fix Scanning option.
  • A list of applicable results will display on the HP Print And Scan Doctor window. This includes the green checkmark, blue wrench, yellow exclamation mark and red cross.
  • Click on Test Print or Skip option for fixing printing issues and Test Scan or Skip for fixing scanning issues. Follow the on-screen instructions and close the HP Print and Scan Doctor window